Own less & simplify your life

(BETA) Group Program

Join the first version of this Step-by-Step Program to declutter your home intentionally with a framework that can also be used to pack to move. Designed to take you by the hand to own less and live a simpler lifestyle.


- Walking into your home and feeling calm & relaxed

- Stop wasting time looking for lost items

- Feeling in control & organised in your own home

- Feeling light to move anywhere in the world

- Not apologising for the messy home anymore

What´s included?

Now-24th October

I invite you to get ready for the journey.

  • Get clear on your WHY

  • Discover your resistances

  • Prepare all materials to star decluttering (and packing, if you will be moving within the next 4 months)

  • Work on the most superficial part of the process.

25th-31st October

I will help you draft your path to own less

  • Home assessment

  • Schedule the steps in your calendar

  • Decluttering muscle training (LIVE: group session)

1st November-January 31st

Organise (and pack) your entire home

  • There will be 2 sessions live with me and for the rest I will send you the guidelines via email for you to work on your own.

  • Q&A sessions are for general questions/ support so anyone, no matter where they are, can attend.

  • You can go quicker by following your plan and the decluttering steps or take longer if needed by reading the guidelines when you need them.


  • Using the framework to pack to move

You will also have access to some BONUSES to help you get results faster

  • Strategies to invite the family to join the process

  • Toys organisation guide

  • Last 2 weeks packing tips

  • 3 LIVE Q&A sessions

All of this for just 119 €

It´s time to stop & take time for yourself

This is a wonderful way to not only organise your home, but to dive deep into your relationship with what you own and finally keep what helps you live the life you want

What others are saying…

"I am loving this trip, and I feel well underway for the move, even though there are still two months to go." - FRANCESCA B.

"I feel like a weight has been lifted, feel lighter and less chaotic. Much cleaner, much easier to access everything and see what you have. LOVE donating so much to my family, makes me feel good. Feel inspired to try my natural hair soon” - KELLY E.

"...very therapeutic actually as we had to go through all the ivf treatment paperwork and I had been avoiding that for a long time! It was emotional but it was needed! Plus it was of course happy in the end so was nice to remember our journey overall." - ANONYMOUS

New Home, More Life

If you´re tired of dealing with too much, it´s time to simplify!

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